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About IIT Bombay ST Program

The Spoken Tutorial(ST) project is being developed at IIT Bombay for Ministry of Education (previously MHRD), Government of India.The Spoken Tutorial project is funded by the National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (ICT), launched by Ministry of Education, erstwhile Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Government of India.

Spoken Tutorial is a multi-award winning educational content portal. Here one can learn various Free and Open Source Software all by oneself. Our self-paced, multi-lingual courses ensure that anybody with a computer and a desire for learning, can learn from any place, at any time and in a language of their choice. All the content published on this website are shared under the CC BY SA license.

Our courses are simple and easy to follow even for a beginner but they also meet the growing needs of the learner. Our engaging digital content ensures that learning happens at all levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. Our content mandates side-by-side practice thereby ensuring that learners are actively learning. Many of the software taught, are used in various disciplines of Engineering, pure Sciences and several other Under-Grad and Post-Grad studies, and can be extended to Commerce, Arts and Management streams as well. Alongside these, there are some courses relevant at School level, too, which help school students to visualise difficult concepts of Math and Science. These can also be used by Teachers to prepare lesson plans, explain abstract concepts and give digital assignments to students.

The learning can happen in an organised manner as well. Faculty in institutes can organise their batch of students into groups, who will learn a particular software course for an entire semester. The ST course can be mapped to the Course/Lab manuals and systematic learning can take place. If the academic timetable permits, then a single student can learn upto 3 different ST courses in one semester during the designated academic Lab hours.

End-of-Course online tests and certificates are available for those who wish to test their expertise in a particular software. These certificates give an edge to students during placement by increasing their employability potential.

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