Data Analytics Training in Kolkata

1) Get hands-on Python skills and accelerate your data
science career.
2) Learn Python, analyze and visualize data with Pandas
  Matplotlib and Scikit.
3) Create robust predictive models with advanced statistics.
4) Leverage hypothesis testing and inferential statistics for
sound decision-making
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Grow Your Data Analytics Skills

The name Data Analytics refers to the act of analyzing datasets in order to derive conclusions from said data. For businesses, the data they collect might be historical data or new information gathered for a specific project. Moreover, the data used can consist of information about an audience’s demographics, interests, behaviors, and more.

In simple terms, a Data Analyst is a person who converts numbers into insights that a business can benefit from. These numbers can come from a variety of sources like sales figures, fixed business costs, advertising rates, market share, customer churn rate, and so on. The bigger the organization, the bigger the numbers and the more acute the need for data analysis or data science. All this can get extremely complicated for the untrained eye. This is where a Data Analytics professional steps in and brings in order and simplicity. He captures the data, aggregates it, wrangles with it, and converts it into a format that is easy to visualize and report. At the end of the day, getting the right data analytics training and becoming a successful data analyst means you will be able to convert data into pure gold for any digitally driven organization!

Need for Data Analytics Training in Kolkata

Data analytics techniques enable a business to take raw data and uncover patterns to extract valuable insights. As a result, data analysis helps companies make informed decisions, create a more effective marketing strategy, improve customer experience, streamline operations, among many other things.

We all know that Data Science is booming and so is data analysis. Put simply, a data analyst is assigned with the goal of helping organizations to make better business decisions. This can fall under the purview of cutting down costs, increasing the returns coming from marketing initiatives, advising the management on entering new geographies, making newer product launches, and so on and so forth. You might not be aware that a data analyst in a large organization can even play a role that is specific to what he does in the organization. So a data analyst in a Fortune 500 company may go by the name of a financial analyst, sales analyst, operations analyst, marketing analyst, and so on.

Course Curriculum

  • Module 1 - Python

  • Level - 1

    Introduction to Python , Syntax , Variables , Data Types , Numbers , Casting , Python String , Booleans , Operators , Loops in Python , Functions in Python

  • Level - 2

    Python List , Tuples , Sets , Dictionaries , Lambda function , Arrays in Python , Python Class/Objects , Python Inheritance , File Handling with Python. Use of Numpy , Use of Pandas for Data Analysis

  • Level - 3

    Matplotlib Python Intro , MatplotlibPyplot , Matplotlib Plotting , Matplotlib Markers , Matplotlib Line , Matplotlib Labels , Matplotlib Grid , Matplotlib Subplots , Matplotlib Scatter , Matplotlib Bars , Matplotlib Histograms , Matplotlib Pie Charts ,Scipy.

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    • Module 2 - SQL

    • Level - 1

      RDBMS Concepts , Databases , Datatypes , Operators , Create Database , Select Database, Rename Database , Show Database , Drop Database , Create Table , Show Tables , Rename Tables , Alter Tables , Drop Tables , Delete Tables, Truncate Tables.

    • Level - 2

      Sql Queries on Insert into, Select , Update , Delete , Sorting Results , SQL Views on Create , Update , Rename , Drop , Sql Operators - Where Clause , Distinct Clause , Order By Clause , Group By Clause , Having Clause , AND & OR

    • Level - 3

      SQL JOINS - Inner Join , Left Join , Right Join , Full Join , Cross Join , Union vs Join

    • Level - 4

      SQL Keys - Primary Key , Foreign Key , Alternte Key , Composite Key , Unique Key

    • Level - 5

      SQL Functions - Date , String , Aggregate , Numeric , Statistical , Logical

    • Module 3 - MS-EXCEL

    • Level - 1

      Basic Calculations , Concepts of Cell and Cell Referencing , Working with functions and formulas

    • Level - 2

      Conditional Formatting , Sort & Filter , Advance Filter , Pivot Table , Subtotal , Goal Seek

    • Level - 3

      Import data from Word , H-LookUp , V-LookUp, Macro , Sumif , Countif , D-Sum , Creating & Working with Google Sheet , Page Setup and Printout.

    • Module 4 - TABLEAU

    • Level - 1

      Introduction to Tableau , Connecting to Excel, CSV Text Files , Connecting to Databases , Working with Data , Analyzing , Formatting

    • Level - 2

      Introduction to Calculations , Dashboard Development, Data Calculations , Aggregate Calculations , User Calculations ,Table Calculations , Logical Calculations , String Calculations , Number Calculations , iltering Conditions , Filtering Measures

    • Level - 3

      Histograms , Sorting , Grouping , Tree maps, word clouds and bubble charts , Pareto Charts , Waterfall Charts ,Bump Charts , Funnel Charts

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